Cardiac Risk in the Young

By Tompky - 5:53 AM

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This week I went to a Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) event, having a full ECG, and wanted to spread a bit of awareness for these events as I think they are massively important for everyone, not just endurance athletes!!  

We have all heard horror stories of people, seemingl fit, young, athletic adults, who have suffered from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, often happening during a marathon, or other intensive sporting exercise.  When I decided to do these 12 challenges I know it was a big concern of my family, and I have spoken to other friends too who have been put off running marathons becuase 'people die doing them.'  And unfortunately this is partly true, whilst it is a very very small percentage of people, the body is pushed to its extremes which can trigger and exaggerate any issues within the body.  Knowing this, I am always looking to minimise the risk to myself, be that through proper stretching, eating the right food, training the right way or ensuring that medically I am as sound as possible.

It is this latter point that CRY offer a service that I think needs to be widely known about.  For anyone aged 14 to 35, they will perform a full ECG and Echocardiogram scans to anyone aged 14 to 35.  The initial ECG will diagnose most cardiac abnormalities with the Echocardiogram used for extra clarity when required.

The results are then read by an experienced cardiologist who will analyse them for you and refer you if required!  Fortunately my results came back all clear so I am free to run on!!  As a charity they also have cardiologists write useful information which is then released and relayed back to the general public.

The whole process took no more than 30/45 minutes, and was a very smooth and painless procedure.  The best part about the events is they are totally free to the general public.  They are often paid for or part funded through sponsors or charities set up by people who have suffered tragedy themselves.  The only difficulty is finding an event that is close to yourself and has available slots, but there is a mailing list that will give you alerts of upcoming events.

To check it out for more information go to or to see their full list of screenings go to

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